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Coffee Central Roasting Co.

We created a new brand for Coffee Central Roasting Co. that repositioned them from coffee machine supplier to passionate, quality coffee roasters.

Coffee Central Roasting Co. is a passionate coffee roasters and supplier based in Nottingham. They came to us with a brand that saw them as just an equipment supplier which they wanted to move away from.

We developed a new position as passionate coffee experts, providing everything from roasted coffee, equipment, and training.
Coffee roasting became front and centre in their naming and the visual identity followed that strategy.

Coffee Central’s original logo and our revised version

We kitted them out with designs for packaging and labels, both for their wholesale coffee’s and their signature blends for coffee shops. We used the brand colours to reference where each coffee comes from – and the distinctive flavours that brings.

Their custom website designs pushed them out of the usual look their competitors – referencing theirs labels in the structure, and providing an immersive experience, led by their story, each of the coffee producers, and the services they provide their customers.